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As soon as babies start to move and crawl around it’s easy for them to get into all sorts of situations, if your house is not childproof.

Now it’s important to sure up the safety of your kitchen cabinets/drawers, electricity outlet covers and hanging cables/wires. Look at your existing furniture and secure any “movable” pieces of furniture that can cause harm for example: bookshelves, dressers, standing lamps and TV cabinets.

Read also the following guide to Baby-proofing your household by "":  



  • Modern childproof cabinet locks.
  • Cleaning supplies in a high-up and out of reach space.

Living room:

  • Stick on corners for tables with sharp edges.
  • Covers for all electricity outlets.
  • Secure all hanging cables/wires.

Baby room/Nursery:

  • Safe toy box - without a lid that can be dangerous for a baby.
  • Less is more so stay away from those fluffy blankets and cute stuffed toys since they represent a suffocating hazard to your newborn.
  • A thick carpet can prevent serious falls.
  • Place cribs and other nursery furniture away from windows.
  • Keep powders and other products out of the baby’s reach. 



    • Keep all medicine out of reach and a latches on the medicine cabinet.
    • Never leave water in the bathtub when it is not in use.
    • A thermometer to ensure baby's bathwater is a safe temperature.
    • Closing the lid of the toilet and get a toilet lid lock.
    • Keep bathroom and laundry doors shut when you’re not using them.

    Few last tips:

    • Don't keep toxic houseplants.
    • Vacuum regularly to pick-up small items (money, paper clips, etc.) that can cause choking.
    • Safety gates at entrances and steps.
    • Place locks on liquor cabinets.
    • Clear cosmetics and shampoos off sink and tub ledges, as they pose a poison risk.
    • Keep hot food and drinks out of reach of babies and small children.