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Beautiful old fashioned names for girls

Pick a Name

Picking the perfect baby name can be one of the most difficult decisions parents have to make. Some parents just can’t agree, so one parent ends up begrudgingly giving in to the other.

Many parents have told me over the years about their baby-name regret and the shame it causes them. Your babies name should stand the test of time. Will my child have to spell/explain their name every single day of their lives?

The following blog by Pepa & Co will give you more information and tips for getting through picking the perfect name for your babyHow to Pick the Perfect name

Tips for choosing the right baby name:

  • Take a look at your family tree. (The Grandparent’s names, Mother’s maiden name, Juniors or III, IV and Family traditions.)

  •  Classic names don’t have to be boring. (There are plenty of striking names to choose from.)

  •  Honor your culture.

  •  Check the meanings of the names. (This step is very important that you don’t end up choosing a name with a meaning that horrifies you later.)

  •  Avoid possible nicknames (Nicknames can be used affectionately, but also used to wound.)

  •  Consider the importance of the middle name. (The middle name has a few practical uses. For parents who give their child a family name that others in the family also have, a middle name helps to provide the child with a separate identity.

  • Write down the initials. (Write down the initials of all the name combos you’re considering just to make sure the initials doesn't spell something rude or odd.)

  • Say it out loud. (Ensure your Child's name, Middle name and Last name rhythmic flow when you say them out loud)

    14 Girl names and their meaning

    Abigail – this cute old fashioned girl name means ‘my father’s joy’ and has Hebrew origins.
    Charlene – this German girl name means ‘free woman’
    Elizabeth – it doesn’t get more classic or retro than this name which
    means ‘my God is abundance’ and has Hebrew origins
    Geraldine – this strong German name means ‘ruler with a spear’
    Isabelle – this French girl name means ‘devoted to God’
    Louise – this Old German name means ‘famous warrior’
    Margaret – is another variation of the Greek name meaning ‘pearl’
    Nina – this beautiful vintage girl name means ‘little girl’ and is
    of Spanish origin
    Oliva – this English name means ‘olive tree’
    Pippa – this super cute English girl name means ‘lover of horses’
    Rita – this pretty Spanish girl name means ‘pearl’
    Samantha – is a beautiful Hebrew baby name and means ‘listens well’
    Simone – this French girl name means ‘to be heard’
    Theresa – this pretty girl name has Greek origins and
    means ‘late summer’


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