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Design your own round bib - My Sister & i

Design your own round bib

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  • 100% polyester and towel backing.
  • Plain with plain rims.
  • Colour:  White.
  • Automatic button.
  • Be creative and put your own design on this white bib.
  • Made of soft polyester, each customizable bib hugs comfortably around the neck to catch every drip and drool.
  • Create a unique gift for any babyshower, newborn or special gift with our easy to use design app!
  • Personalize your bib with our wide range of colors, text, and designs - or upload your own cute image!  
  • A baby bib will keep your baby’s clothing clean (for a few minutes, at least).
  • This is an easy choice for any baby gift —  with your personalized design on it!